Trifilar suspension

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ex. no. 7 trifilar suspension Aim: To determine the radius of gyration of the circular plate and hence its Mass Moment of Inertia.

Trifilar Suspension Lab experiment

Apparatus required: Main frame, chucks 6. Two suspension plates fix to the top of the Test Frame to hold the bifilar and trifilar pendulums. Bifilar and trifilar, meaning of two (bi) or three (tri) threads or wires. Students test the two pendulums to see how different factors, such as mass, support position or pendulum length affect the period of oscillation.

A tractor raiser trifilar suspension locking mechanism belongs to the technical field of agricultural machinery and is designed for solving the problem of hoisting height fixing which is not considered about when a tractor raiser is designed, namely, the raiser only leads a machine to be fixed at a.

Bifilar suspension: T = 2π[4IL/mgd 2] 1/2. This arrangement is called a bifilar suspension because the rod is supported by two threads. It can be used to calculate the value of the acceleration due to gravity (g) if the moment of inertia of the rod is calculated.

It is determined that the accurate alignment of the centre of mass of the body being tested with the centre of the trifilar plate is insignificant compared to the accuracy. A vehicle suspension system consists of a spring and a damper.

Trifilar Suspension Method?

The stiffness of the spring is kN/m and the damping constant of the damper is Ns/m. If the mass is 50 kg, then the damping factor (d) and damped natural frequency (f n), respectively, are.

Trifilar suspension
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