Tanks in wwi

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British heavy tanks of World War I

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Play Tanks. Multiple terrains, multiple weapons - get them before they get you! The development of tanks in World War I was a response to the stalemate that trench warfare had created on the western front. An initial vehicle, nicknamed Little Willie, was constructed in Great Britain, at William Foster & Co., during August and September, The prototype of a new design.

The tank had an interesting role in World War One. The tank was first used at the little known Battle of Flers. It was then used with less success at the Battle of the Somme.

The first tank-versus-tank battle occurred between the British and Germans but is largely viewed as inconclusive as neither side could claim a clear victory. There are a total of 26 World War 1 Tanks () in the Military Factory.

The development of tanks in World War I was a response to the stalemate that trench warfare had created on the western front.

WWI US armor

An initial vehicle, nicknamed Little Willie, was constructed in Great Britain, at William Foster & Co., during August and September, Find great deals on eBay for tanks of wwi. Shop with confidence.

Tanks in wwi
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