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Graduate Program: Engineering (ME) - Innovation, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Cheap environmental degradation through entrepreneurial clue. Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CSE) The CSE believes we can balance and preserve our valuable systems. Sustainable entrepreneurs generate new business models which substantially reduce social and environmental impacts whilst simultaneously improving the quality of societies.


The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Project engages in and promotes research, education and training activities relating to entrepreneurial ventures launched with the aspiration to create sustainable enterprises that achieve significant growth in scale and value creation through the development and commercialization of innovative products or services which form the basis for a successful.

Sustainable entrepreneurship, a field to emerge or not to emerge? Can this contribute to a sustainable future? Introduction Given the current global economic climate and despite its oppressive nature, many scholars have risen and pounced on the consequent opportunities available by taking an interest in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Sustainable entrepreneurship in countryside. likes. LEADER project “Sustainable Entrepreneurship In Countryside” for developing of micro enterprises. A successful entrepreneur is one who strives for many diverse objectives -- what one might call a "sustainable entrepreneur." What is a sustainable entrepreneur?

First, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses. Sustainable entrepreneurship is in essence the realization of sustainability innovations aimed at the mass market and providing benefit to the larger part of society.

Actors or companies contributing substantially to sustainable development with their core businesses can be called sustainable entrepreneurs (e.g., Schaltegger and Wagner ).

Sustainable entrepreneurship
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