Postedfile saveas overwrite a file

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ThisWorkbook.SaveAs not overwriting a file

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How Can I Save a Single Excel Worksheet to a CSV File?

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Saveas With Overwrite In A Macro

Here's the code that students it. FileUpload is an web server control that allow users to upload a file to web server from their local computer. FileUpload server control display a text box and a browse button on web browser to select a file to upload from client's local machine.

Jan 08,  · Have a Fileupload control question.

How to upload a file to a Web site by using Visual C#

I have a fileupload control inside a formview insertitemtemplate. Since the fileupload control will overwrite files already on the server with the same name, I need a way to check if the filename already exists prior to upload. When I use SaveAs function in VB6 for saving an excel file sPath I get a message box - Do I want to overwrite the existing file with three buttons - YES, NO, & Cancel.

Trying to on it have very few possibility to succeed unless you have the same file in your own server in the current folder. From the MSDN example protected void UploadButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { // Specify the path on the server to // save the uploaded file to.

Using SaveAs Statement to overwrite existing File

The misunderstanding is that developers tend to access the path of the file on the user’s machine that he has selected for upload in browsers like Internet Explorer IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Sep 29,  · First, in a regular code module set up a Public variable to hold the path that the file itself was opened from; maybe something like Public myHomePath As String That has to go into a regular code module ahead of any Sub or Function declarations.

Postedfile saveas overwrite a file
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Upload file without using FileUpload control in using C# and