Polar ice caps

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Polar ice sheets melting faster than ever

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Polar ice cap

-- A new NASA study revealed that the oldest and thickest Arctic sea ice is disappearing at a faster rate than the younger and thinner ice at the edges of the Arctic Ocean’s floating ice cap. The polar ice caps have melted faster in last 20 years than in the last 10, A comprehensive satellite study confirms that the melting ice caps are raising sea levels at an accelerating rate.

A polar ice cap is a region of land at the North or South Pole of a planet that is covered with ice. Polar ice caps and glaciers hold more than 3/4 of the Earth's freshwater and provide feeding. Vavilov Ice Cap is on October Revolution Island in the Arctic between the Kara Sea and Laptev Sea.

It is a polar desert where frigid temps and dry weather should keep ice firmly tethered to bedrock. Arctic sea ice extent graph. Climate tipping points occur when a natural system, such as the polar ice cap, undergoes sudden or overwhelming change that has a profound effect on surrounding ecosystems, often irreversible.

Polar ice caps
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