Literature on recruitment

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Central Silk Board

Refer to Appendix A Flow Chart. In order to increase efficiency in hiring and retention and to ensure consistency and compliance in the recruitment and selection process, it is recommended the following steps be followed (also refer to Staff Recruitment and Selection Hiring Checklist).Details for each step include the minimum recommended best practice to attract a talented and diverse.

By conclude this literature review, the study emphasizes on the fact that the recruitment and selection process is integrated with other processes such as strategic plan of the company, training and development schemes, compensation, rewarding/incentive system, performance appraisal, and lastly, industrial relations.

The Central Silk Board (CSB) is a Statutory Body under Ministry of Textiles, Government of India and is a national organization for overall development of sericulture and silk. Effective employee selection is a critical component of a successful organization. How employees perform their jobs is a major factor in determining.

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Literature on recruitment
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Human Resources: Recruitment & Selection Hiring Process