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With over 80 years of expertise in the academic publishing industry, Charlesworth Author Services has established a reputation as a trusted and respected provider of English language editing services. We work with authors, academics and researchers around the world to. Editage provides English editing, manuscript editing, scientific editing, book editing, publication support and translation services.

We have more than 2, experts who have edited overpapers. Get a quote now to publish your research paper.

KGSupport English Language Editing and Writing Services

CACTUS ( provides top-notch communication solutions like academic and scientific editing, translation, publication support, English language workshops, transcription to authors, researchers, universities, labs, hospitals, and organizations worldwide.

Our services are specifically designed to help English Second Language. English Language Editing and Review.

Ghost writing, writing, and editing services by professional ghost writer: writing, ghost writing, rewriting, editing, copyediting, technical editing, Chinese - English Translation, English.

English proofreading & editing service

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Kg support english editing services
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