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The King tells him he has cited the ghost of the dead dwell. Ambroise Thomas’ “Hamlet” was last performed at the Metropolitan Opera inand it’s easy to see why more than a century passed before its revival.

Cat Premium: Get a seat in the best category with a dinner at 7pm, before the performance, at the Bistro Opera Carmen (choose your meal «Starter + Dish» or «Dish + Dessert» - drinks not included).

Click here to read the menu. Facing the Opéra Comique, the «Bistrot de l'Opéra Carmen», classed as an Historic Monument, welcomes you in a cosy atmosphere, diner from Monday to Saterday. When this production, directed by Patrice Caurier and Moshe Leiser, opened in London at Covent Garden, The Independent called Keenlyside’s Hamlet, "a revelation - thrilling throughout.” Dessay plays the volatile Ophelia, whose extended mad scene is among the greatest in opera.

Visions and Voices presents the Metropolitan Opera’s HD telecast of Ambroise Thomas’s adaptation of Hamlet on Sat., March Ambroise Thomas's Hamlet - LibGuides at University of Southern California Natalie Dessay and Simon Keenlyside, conducted by Bertrand De Billy.

InAmbroise Thomas’s Hamlet made a welcome return to the Metropolitan Opera stage after an absence of over a century. In this modern but orthodox production by Patrice Caurier and Moshe Leiser, which originated in Geneva, the tormented Danish prince is played by the British baritone Simon.

Metropolitan Opera Ballet I do also prefer the production with Thomas Hampson and Natalie Dessay, however this is a very good Hamlet.

Hamlet metropolitan opera dessay
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