Gizmo uniform circular motion

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Exploration Guide: Uniform Circular Motion

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Student Exploration: Uniform Circular Motion

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Because the coaster is very in a cohesive path, we can analyze it approaching the tools we used for uniform do motion. Record these values as well. Measure the position, velocity, and acceleration (both components and magnitude) of an object undergoing circular motion.

The radius and velocity of the object can be controlled, along with the mass of the object. The forces acting on the object also can be recorded. Uniform circular motion gizmo: lesson info: explorelearning, uniform circular motion measure the position, velocity, and acceleration (both components and magnitude) of an object undergoing circular motion the radius and velocity of the object can be Gizmo Uniform Circular Motion Worksheet Answer PDF.

Circular Motion Uniform circular motion is the movement of an object or particle trajectory at a constant speed around a circle with a fixed radius. The fixed radius, r, is the position of an object in uniform or circular motion relative to to the center of the circle.

_____ _____ Gizmo Warm-up The Uniform Circular Motion Gizmo™ shows a pink puck that is floating above a circular air table. The puck is held to the center of the table by a string so that it travels in a circle at a constant speed.

Exploration Guide: Uniform Circular Motion. Go to www. explorelearning. com and login. Please type or write your answers on a separate sheet of paper, not squished in the spaces on these pages. Motion of this kind is called uniform circular motion.

1. The Gizmo tm shows both a top view and a side view of a puck constrained by a string, traveling a circular path on an air table.

Gizmo: Uniform Circular Motion Gizmo uniform circular motion
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