Factors affecting individual behavior at work

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Factors Affecting Employee Behaviour

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Top 3 Factors Affecting Individual Behaviour

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Factors Affecting Employee Behaviour

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There are several internal as well as external factors affecting employee behaviour. Let us go through them in detail: Leadership.

Factors Influencing Individual Behavior

Managers and leaders play an important role in influencing the behaviour of individuals at workplace. There are several internal as well as external factors affecting employee behaviour. Let us go through them in detail: Leadership. Managers and leaders play an important role in influencing the behaviour of individuals at workplace.

It is the responsibility of leaders to set a direction for team members.

Factors Influencing Individual Behavior

Individual Differences And Environmental Factors Influence Human Behavior Psychology Essay Print Reference this Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.

The common mistakes such as attributing behavior and stereotyping according to individual’s race & culture basically influences an individual’s behavior. In today’s diverse work culture, the management as well as staff should learn and accept different cultures, values, and common protocols to create more comfortable corporate culture.

Age of an Individual influence behavior Among the personal factors influencing behavior the most important is a person’s age. Generally speaking as an employee grows older his level of enthusiasm for work may decline.

Factors affecting individual behavior at work
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