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Writing and Editing Tools for Self-publishing Indie Authors

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Writing and Editing Tools for Self-publishing Indie Authors

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How to Find an Editor as a Self-Published Author

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She adheres copyediting at. You craft your books to reflect your learning of craft, your attention to detail and your punctuation. Thanks again, have a custom day!. Welsh indie author Karl Drinkwater shares his thoughts and recommendations on the many writing and editing apps and tools available to help self-published writers make their work the best they can be.

Our editing services are designed to benefit authors at every stage of their story's development.

Proofreading / Copy Editing for Indie Authors

Below is a brief summary of each of our services. Manuscript Critique. 8 Affordable Editing Services for Indie Authors Most writers dream of the day they complete their book, get a literary agent, and sign a contract with a publisher that will take charge of editing.

Indie author Teymour Shahabi explains how to find an editor for the draft of your self-published book and what to look for in a good editing relationship. Work with Jane. About Jane. Search for: love the way this article—from an indie author—on Jane Friedman’s blog [ ] Vote Up 0 Vote Down Reply.

1 year ago. Indie authors need to budget for professional services such as editing and book cover design. In this post we discuss which services are worth the money. May 03,  · List of Editors for Hire for Indie Writers When you self-publish, it is vitally important to present a well-crafted piece of work to the public.

Editors & Proofreaders for Indie Authors

Self-pubbing has a negative connotation, thanks to all of the crap that's filtering onto the net that hasn't been refined or controlled in any hopebayboatdays.com: J.M.


Editing services for indie authors blog
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Professional Services for Indie Authors: Are They Worth It?