Achieving immortality

Sonnet XVIII

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Who wants to live forever?

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Biological immortality

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Achieving Immortality [ON HOLD]

A Note from Pastor Kevin Lea follows this article. IMMORTALITY has been the regarded as mythology and science fiction for years but now human beings are close to defying death due to several major scientific breakthroughs which will give humans a plethora of choice on how to live forever by the yearaccording to a top futurologist.

We all pass away, sooner or later. We only leave behind a few photos, maybe some home videos, or in rare situations, a diary or autobiography. But eventually, we are all forgotten. This week, UK-based futurologist Ian Pearson explained why he believes humanity will achieve immortality by the yearas advances in biomedical and co.

A Horcrux is an object in which a Dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality. Horcruxes can only be created after committing murder, the supreme act of evil.

The process for the creation of a Horcrux involves a spell and a horrific act. Since a fundamental difference between old Chinese coins and charms has to do with the use of symbols, a basic understanding of the language of the symbols is needed to. The dream to live forever has captivated mankind since the beginning.

We see this in religion, literature, art, and present day pop-culture in a .

Achieving immortality
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